KS1 Religious Education Resources

We've currently got 5 Religious Education resources on the site that can meet a range of KS1 lesson planning needs. All of our resources for KS1 Religious Education are made and added to the site by educators, and can be downloaded after undergoing quality checks by teaching staff. Read user reviews to see what other teachers think.

PHSCE and Brain Gym Cards <br/> Martin Green <br/> 5,1 Starter, 10,1 Lesson Pack

PHSCE and Brain Gym Cards

  • Communication and Relationships, Diet and Fitness, Democracy and Justice, Economic Issues, Rights and Responsibilities, Comparative Religion, Ethics, Class Games, Healthy Lifestyle, Personal Development
  • Age 5-7, Age 7-11
The Easter Ebook <br/> Rosie Sherry <br/> 1,1 Worksheet

The Easter Ebook

  • Painting and Drawing, Christianity
  • Age 5-7, Age 7-11
  • Free if you review
Weaving Using Lolly Sticks <br/> Claire Cowling <br/> 1,5 Worksheets, 3,1 Powerpoint

Weaving Using Lolly Sticks

  • Shape and space, Christianity, Design
  • Age 5-7
Religious Education and Assemblies <br/> Pearson Publishing <br/> 6,5 Others

Religious Education and Assemblies

  • Christianity, Comparative Religion, Ethics, Assemblies
  • Age 5-7, Age 7-11
Assembly Ideas for Harassed Heads <br/> Pearson Publishing <br/> 4,2 Lesson Plans

Assembly Ideas for Harassed Heads

  • Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Assemblies
  • Age 5-7, Age 7-11